Covid-19 Mitigation Plan - Please Read

Campbell Endeavors, LLC / Nancy Jo Campbell, LMT Covid-19 Mitigation Plan

Due to the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic, many personal services will be implementing new protocols and procedures to open and provide a safe environment to do business with the public. Massage Therapy falls into this category. In order to be compliant with local rules as well as professional mandates that are already in place, the following protocols have been developed with the guidance of the State of Hawaii, Center for Disease Control, and the American Massage Therapy Association. These protocols will be in place until further notice.

Update: Nancy is fully vaccinated for the Covid19 Corona Virus as of April, 2021.


  1. Preferably, High Risk clients should book earlier in the day, and appointments may be shifted at the discretion of owner
  2. Ideally, clients will travel directly from home and having freshly bathed prior to session
  3. No guests may accompany you during session UNLESS ALL ARE VACCINATED. Please reschedule instead of bringing a child with you if a babysitter isn’t available. No exceptions
  4. Client will self-screen before session. A new intake with Covid19 related questions must be completed and signed before your appointment - this form can be downloaded from my website along with other forms and articles
    • If you are experiencing ANY symptoms whatsoever, we will reschedule with no cancellation fee. If you come to session ill in ANY capacity, I will terminate the session and possibly our business relationship if it appears you intentionally come ill
  5. Payments can be completed pre-session via the “make a payment page”   on my website or in-office with PayPal, Venmo, QR codes, local check and cash
  6. Please limit the number of personal items you bring into the treatment space – a special container will be provided to store keys and other necessary items
  7. Client will need to wear a mask to session applied when leaving vehicle - unless current mandates allow
  8. Clients who are vaccinated may choose to leave mask off for face-down positioning
  9. Clients with long hair need to have it gathered in order to keep it organized during session 
  10. Therapist will have hair gathered and contained in order to not contact clients
  11. Hand sanitizer will be provided when entering the treatment space
  12. Your temperature may be taken with a touch-free thermometer
  13. Please, no phone calls are to be taken during session. If at all possible, please turn devices off or leave in vehicle
  14. Per usual, all sessions will be by appointment only, no walk-ins permitted
  15. No food or beverage service will be available, please bring your own non-spillable container and beverage

During and Post Session

  1. Cleanliness will be increased in order to keep both Client and Therapist safe as well as other clients that follow
    1. An air filter will be running during the whole business day
    2. Therapist will wash hands before session and wear appropriate PPE (personal protection equipment)
    3. Client will wear a Mask during entire session unless limited by health reasons, for face down positions, alternative coverage or loosened mask may be permitted for ease of breathing. Vaccinated clients may remove mask in face-down position
    4. All touch surfaces will be cleaned/disinfected
    5. All linens used in session will be removed and placed in bagged container and sanitized each day
    6. Table will be covered with a washable cover under linens to avoid transferable microbes and protect table covering
    7. A UV light may be used between sessions to aid in disinfecting small items
    8. Therapist’s uniform may be changed between each client if they have not been vaccinated 
    9. All trash will be carefully contained and disposed of each session and at end of day
    10. Extra time, 45 to 60 min, will be inserted between sessions in order to properly and thoroughly clean and prepare for the next client
  2. Eye pillows will not be offered until further notice - vaccinated clints can bring one from home
  3. Client will be offered hand sanitizer upon exiting
  4. It is recommended that client goes directly home to bathe after session
  5. If session is not pre-paid, a PayPal invoice will be sent, and payment is due upon receipt. If client cannot pay with a credit card, they are to place payment in the personal items bin to be sanitized. Receipts can be electronically sent.
  6. No hugs may exchange until further notice; smiles and shaka with aloha are always welcome 😊

If you have any questions about the Covid19 Mitigation Plan listed above, please contact Nancy at 808-321-2209 or