Helpful Forms, Info & Articles

Below are helpful forms with information that you can download for your convenience. If you don't own a printer, then please arrive a few minutes early to fill out in office. 

ASH clients: Read the mitigation plan, fill out the covid intake and ASH intake.
Non-insurance clients: Read mitigation plan, fill out covid intake, Health history, and Consent forms

There are a few articles and a meditation at the bottom you may find useful or amusing - let me know what you think!


Covid19 Mitigation Plan

PLEASE READ. This document covers all the protocols that will be implemented until further notice. Mahalo!

Special Covid Intake Form

In order for me to run the safest practice I can, I am having people fill out this extra Covid19 Intake form to put in their file. Everyone must fill this out and sign in order to be seen after June 1, 2020.

ASH Intake & Consent

If you are an American Specialty Health Client, please print, fill, and bring with you to session. You may arrive a few min early to fill in-office.


The most important form

Health History

All sorts of questions to help us design the best treatment plan for you!

Post Massage Session Handout

You just had your first session and you may feel different than what you expected. This handout could shed some light. Feel free to call too if that seems more useful!

Nancy's Flyer

Hey, do you have a place where you can post my flyer? Make sure you tell folks that you sent them so you can get your incentive gift!

How I Got Here

First article published in Kailua Beach Neighbors, April 2018. Tells my story of how I got to Hawaii from North Carolina

Mom's Disease

Not just mom's but everyone has the habit of putting self-care on the back burner


Change is inevitable. Crunch through it!

Guided Standing Meditation - The Warrior Within

In a time where you feel out of touch, loss of power, and voice; a standing meditation can help you reconnect with nature, your breath and authentic self. This is my gift to you during this unstable time to help you reconnect. Mahalo for letting me be part of your wellness program.... from 6' or more! Some of the info used in this meditation is from The Four-Fold Way by Ageles Arrien, PhD

Note: To download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free, click here.