As of 7/15/22, I will not be able to provide massage therapy services under the various American Specialty Health Plans. Clients who use the ChooseHealthy program will be honored to 7/31. Please contact your HR professional or Insurance company directly to get a current list of ASH and ChooseHealthy Providers.

I am now available to take no-fault or Workman's Comp clients (and VA clients in the near future) to help you recover from unfortunate accidents. Call me at 808-321-2209 to get the process started.

Another option is to check your flex spending (or HSA) options if your company provides them. Several flex spending companies allow massage therapy to be used on your pre-taxed dollars. If you have a flex spending debit card, know that PayPal doesn't usually accept them so regular payment will need to be made and a receipt can be supplied so you can get reimbursement.

If you are not able to use your insurance or flex spending account, then perhaps a shorter session with more focus could be just what you need. Call 808-321-2209, we can talk about your specific needs.