Nancy J Campbell, LMT
Medical Massage Therapy


Everyone gets $10 off their 60 min (or more) session during their birthday month. If you are a client already, you'll get a special email at the beginning of the month to prompt you to schedule and enjoy. If you did not get one, then you either didn't give me your birthday, came in after the first of the month of your birth month, or I may have not entered it correctly. If you are a new client coming in for a me-time session for your birthday, just show me your ID.

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Packages aren't a promotion really - they are an investment to your wellness. Check out the package page for more information.

I'm learning some new Spontaneous Muscle Release Techniques (SMRT) and need "guinea pigs" to practice upon. Want to come in and let me practice on you? This session will be solely for me and my learning process, it will not be custom to your needs. That said, if you choose a guinea pig session that applies to your specific tissue issues, then you will benefit more than those who don't have them. The price is reduced because it's "all about me" on this session. There will be talking out loud to myself, fumbling with my text book and gosh knows what else. Come to my table and watch me learn! When you book a session, choose a "guinea pig" item. More will be added as I see fit. There will be a separate consent form for these sessions.

All promotions cannot be combined or used with gift certificate sale/redemption. Promos do not apply to Insurance clients or co-pays.