Pricing & Packages

My service and pricing structure 

Pricing for any items I sell in-office are dependent on what's in stock. Please ask. Some of the items available are Note Cards, Pouches, Comfrey Salve, and other handmade items. 

Sometimes it takes more than one session to achieve a specific bodywork goal. If you have a lifestyle that invites physical strains of any kind on a regular basis, then massage is a great way to keep you in balance. A pre-paid package will give you incentive to continue self-care and assist in monetary strains as well.

A package paired with a recurring appointment will take your wellness practice to a whole new level!

Maintenance Massage Packages:

  • Are Paid in full at purchase, GE will be added
  • Can be shared with friends and family
  • Up to 2 package sessions can be used in a calendar day 
  • If you no-show on a package session, you forfeit that session
  • Packages can only be redeemed in-office
  • Your package time can start day of purchase
  • Sessions, single or package, cannot be split by time (a 90 session or pkg, cannot split it into a 60 min and a 30 min session.)

60-minute package (single session: $80)
3 sessions - $216 + GE= $226.18
6 sessions - $408+ GE= $427.22
12 sessions - $768+ GE= $804.19

75-minute packages (single session: $95)
3 sessions - $  257+ GE=$269.11
6 sessions - $  485+ GE= $507.85
12 sessions - $ 912+ GE= $954.97

90-minute package (single session: $110)
3 sessions - $ 297+ GE= $310.99
6 sessions - $ 561+ GE= $587.43
12 sessions - $1056+ GE=$1105.76 

120-minute package (single session: $160)
3 sessions  $432+ GE= $452.36
6 sessions  $816+ GE= $854.45
12 sessions $1536+ GE= $1608.38



"Nancy has helped not only as client of hers but also as a friend and person that I can go to for physical and mental healing. She is a wonderfully positive and soothing person. Being around her will brighten your days."